Welcome in the fascinating World of (Nocado) Valves!

Valves belong to the most important components in a process plant: they control or shut-off the flow in the tubes. Of course, it’s evident that you should focus on quality components, only. Buying “cheap” can turn out to be extremely expensive later on if you become responsable for production shut-downs or media contaminations – not even mentioning legal liability risks.

When we at Nocado develop a valve we always focus on:

•  Hygienic Design (EHEDG) or Aseptic Design (depending on the intended use)

•  Simple and efficient operation

•  Reliability in 24/7 operation

•  Sustainability

⇉  Being made for your operation!

Development and manufacturing follow the strict quality management rules of ISO 9001 and are regularly audited by DNV.

Due to their Versatility, Nocado Valves are not only used for the control or shut-off of lines with liquids and gases but also with granulated solids.

We often hear our customers appreciatively say: “Nocado Valves, you install and forget.” Then, we know that Nocado products will again serve perfectly in touph plant operations for years and years or even decades.